OnCore Pilates 
 OnCore Pilates Studio is a friendly and high quality mobile Pilates studio in Cape Town. The owner, Kim, is an Internationally Certified Teacher who trained with Body Control PilatesĀ® in London. OnCore Pilates strives to make Pilates classes accessible for everyone, regardless of your physical ability or fitness level. 
Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.


 One of the many benefits of private tuition is that the class can be tailored to your specific needs and around your busy schedule.  You have the option of having classes in the comfort of your own home or office - the choice is yours.  

 Private groups are also popular whereby clients create their own group, and arrange a venue for their classes. You then have the benefit of the teacher coming to you!


Classes are designed to de-stress, strengthen and stretch to help employees lead healthier lifestyles. Pilates is a proven method of preventative and rehabilitative exercise to help employees maintain fit and happy lives. We are experienced in being part of Corporate Wellness Events and our services can be tailored according to an organisation's specific needs.


Group classes are incredibly beneficial for both the body and mind. We specialise in teaching group classes aimed at Over 60's and above. No matter your fitness level, Pilates classes are always welcoming and are led by a certified teacher who understands that everybody was a beginner at some point.

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